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Our Mission

We have a proven track record of supporting, promoting and achieving improvement in Early Years, Primary and Secondary Education. We are passionate about raising school standards and strive for excellence in our support of all schools and settings. We believe that strong collaboration is the key to success, and work closely with all schools to achieve the very best for pupils.

About Judith

Judith is a qualified teacher with a degree in modern languages and a masters degree in assessment. She is also an Ofsted lead inspector. Judith has extensive senior leadership experience in both primary and secondary phase and is Chair of Examiners, GCSE main languages, for one of the major UK Awarding Bodies.

A recognised and experienced author of educational texts and on-line teaching resources for Key Stages 1 -5, Judith holds qualification as a Chartered Educational Assessor (CEA) and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors (CIEA). She is additionally an Ofqual call-up consultant.

About Jonathan

Jonathan has held senior leadership positions in primary schools and children centres, and now combines a specialist education advisory role alongside inspections for early years.

He is a qualified teacher and early years professional who holds national SENCO accreditation. He has taught locally and internationally in all phases of education, from early years to key stages 1, 2 and 3.

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